General Conditions 

1. These conditions apply to all our services, excluding any other conditions specified by our co-contractors unless we have given explicit written and signed permission. 

2. Unless there are specific contractual provisions to the contrary, our fixed prices cover all the supplies or labour specified in our estimates and none other.  They are only valid if accepted within 30 days. 
Our offers state in a precise way the work to be carried out and/or supplies to be furnished. 
In the event of additional work and/or supplies without an estimate, such work and/or supplies shall be invoiced on a cost basis taking into account salaries and prices current at the time of execution. 

3. Any modification of the order on the part of the customer is subject to our written consent and to an adjusted estimate. 

4. Completion and delivery times stated in our offers are only an indication. 
Expiry of the completion deadline does not give the right to cancel the order or to claim damages and interests. 
Furthermore any item temporarily missing at completion and/or delivery shall only give rise to a temporary reduction corresponding to the value of the missing item without prejudicing the settlement of the amount corresponding to the value of what was actually supplied and/or carried out. 
The difference shall be payable when the item giving rise to the reduction is supplied. 

5. The work and supplies provided by us are based on our customers’ choice. We cannot  be held responsible for  possible errors in customers’ choice. 
Work entrusted to us shall be carried out by our company’s personnel or by sub-contractors as a matter of our free choice. Our customers firmly and irrevocably undertake not to contact our subcontractors and suppliers directly without our consent and intervention. 
Any possible dispute, additional work or supplies shall be reported to us and shall form the subject of a rider to the contract. 
Unused material may be returned to us with our consent.
Such material shall be subject to a 15% charge for reinclusion into stocks. 

Warranty : 

Our products carry a lifetime warranty covering any manufacturing faults under normal conditions of use. 
Any other warranty is limited to a period of two years from the date of purchase 

6. Unless otherwise stipulated, our invoices are payable in cash at our registered office. 

7. No member of our staff is entitled, except with explicit authorisation, to collect payments on our behalf. 

8. If not paid within seven days of the due date, our invoices are lawfully and without notification increased by 15% and by a minimum of 200 euros as a fixed compensation notwithstanding the possible application of Article 244 of the civil code.
In addition, late payment interest at the annual rate of 12% shall lawfully be due starting from the expiry date. 

9. Any complaint shall be valid if submitted by registered letter within three days of receipt of the invoice. 

10. In the event of a dispute Brussels courts shall have sole jurisdiction even if there are multiple defendants or in the case of a third party claim.