The switches and sockets should be installed by a qualified electrician and / or use in accordance whith appropriate codes and regulations.

Specific wall box :

The box must be positioned flush with the wall. 
The maximum embedding depth is 40 mm.
With the exception of architrave boxes, special boxes allow the regulation of depth and of the horizontality of grid and decor plates.
The grid plate is fastened to the wall box with screws provided on the grid plate.

Standard wall box :

The box must be recessed into the wall by a minimum of 4 mm.
The wall surface must be lightly trimmed (2mm) for the grid plate to be embedded. The grid plate is fastened to the wall box with fastening screws or claws.

When installing switches and sockets we recommend that you follow the instructions below :

  • Remove the switch from the box and unscrew the fixing ring around the switch using the white plastic spanner provided.
  • Remove the face plate and place each one in separate plastic bags to prevent damage
  • Install switches in the normal way.

The acrylic plate are supplied with a thin, primed aluminium inner plate or a white card.

The inner plate or the card can either be painted to match the wall or used as a template to cut a piece of wallpaper to fit behind the invisible plate.

Do not polyfill, paint or paper over the métal grid in case it is necessary to acces the switch at a later date.

To achieve proper esthetic installation, the wall surface surrounding the wall box opening must be flat and free of irregularities.

Assembly diagram for the « Switch»

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Once the switch is installed by a professional electrician, a piece of wall paper can be cut to size using the inner plate as a template.

For Painted walls the primed inner plate can be painted to match.

The acrylic plate is then placed on top and secured with the fixing ring using the plastic spanner provided.